Meet Mya!

Age – 24
Town – Downtown Nashville
Occupation – Jr. Account Executive

“What’s most important to Mya?” Having a car that doesn’t breakdown on road trips with her friends

“I’m a stickler for schedules and I thrive on deadlines. That’s my way of staying ahead. I’m the same way with car maintenance. I stick to the schedule when it comes to getting my oil changed and I always check my tire pressure, especially before heading out on road trips with my girls. There’s no quicker way to ruin a good time than breaking down and causing a back up on the interstate while you’re trying to get to the beach for some relaxation! Keeping up with maintenance makes my car run more efficiently, which saves time and money (two of my most precious commodities). And the added benefit -better air quality!”

More About Mya…

Mya grew up in Brentwood but moved to Murfreesboro to go to college at MTSU. She studied business and it didn’t take long for her to decide that she wanted to move out of the suburbs and into the city when she graduated. So, she moved to downtown Nashville right out of college when she was hired as a junior account executive.

Mya works just a few miles from her house. On most days, her car is barely warmed up by the time she gets to work, so she decided to look into MTA’s Music City Circuit because it’s a free way to get around downtown. It picks her up right in front of her condo and drops her off just a block away from her office. Not only does she save on gas, many friendships have blossomed with the people she met during her commute.

Mya is a social butterfly and loves going on road trips with her friends on the weekends. Taking the Music City Circuit most days and walking to work when it’s really nice outside has allowed her to have a little extra money for traveling. She and her friends split the cost of gas and hotel rooms. Mya’s dad taught her the importance of scheduled maintenance on her car. She gets her oil changed on a regular schedule and always checks the air pressure in her tires before she hits the road.