Meet Alejandra!
Age – 32
Town – Murfreesboro
Occupation – World’s Best Mom (at least that’s what it says on her favorite coffee mug)


What’s Important to Alejandra? Her Kids and Her Time

“I’ve got a huge list of things to get done everyday before I pick my kids up from school. If I could give one piece of advice to all the other overworked moms out there, I’d say trip chain. I know what you’re thinking, but you do have time to try it. All it really means is planning your errands. Before I head out to conquer my to do list, I take a second to decide the most efficient order to do my errands. Planning my route saves me time and reduces idling, which means better air quality for my kids. Give it a try! Gotta go the clock’s ticking!”


More About Alejandra…

Alejandra works from home, so she can spend more time with their son Andre, who is now seven and going to 1st grade. (Andre has his own page! Learn more about him here.)

With Alejandra’s busy schedule she was always looking for ways to trim some time off her errands. She came across an article about trip chaining, gave it a try and she was hooked. Every day Alejandra makes a list of her errands for the day. Then she takes a minute to plan her route so she doesn’t end up driving back and forth across town. She’s found that trip chaining saves her time and money at the gas pump.

One day her son Andre cam home from school all excited about a special program they had that day. He learned all about air quality and couldn’t wait to tell his mom all about it. He learned that leaving the car on when parked is not good for the environment and that it causes pollution that damages his lungs. Andre has been pestering Alejandra to avoid drive-thrus and turn the car off while they’re waiting for his dad to come out of the office ever since. Alejandra got the message, so now they go inside instead of waiting in the drive-thru and hit up the park right next to his dad’s office instead of sitting in the car!