Meet Dave!

Age – 37
Town – Lebanon
Occupation – Business Manager Healthcare Industry

What’s important to Dave? A Less Stressful Commute

“I commute to work in downtown every day. Last year, I finally decided I’d had enough of sitting behind the wheel for an hour twice a day screaming at other drivers. I honestly felt like I was trapped in the opening scene from Office Space. Turns out I have tons of options for cutting down on my commute. I found an awesome carpool partner in my neighborhood. And, when we can’t ride in together, I can take the train to work. It’s great. Instead of staring at the back of an endless line of traffic, I get to relax or check e-mails when I have important projects on my mind. I’m less stressed when I get to the office and I don’t have to spend the first half hour of my work day unwinding from the drive.”


More About Dave…

Dave works in the health care industry in downtown Nashville. He commutes every day from Lebanon and it usually ends up being more than an hour drive every day, one way. He decided he’d had enough, so he started looking into other options. He asked around at work and talked to a few neighbors. Now, he has a carpool partner and they zip past the other commuters in the HOV lane. Sometimes, they can’t make the trip together, so Dave hops on the train to get to Downtown. Instead of arriving at work a frazzled mess, he’s more relaxed throughout the day.

Dave is recently engaged. Since his finance is environmentally conscious, the environmental effects of his decisions are even more important to him. Finding that carpool partner and riding the train even won him some brownie points. Finding a less stressful way to commute and reducing his impact on the air quality are the main reasons that Dave found better options for his commute. But the brownie points are great too!