Meet Andre!

Age – 7
Town – Murfreesboro
Occupation – Alejandra’s son and the coolest 1st grader ever


What’s Important to Andre? Breathing Clean Air

“I moved up to first grade this year. Man, it’s so much cooler than kindergarten. I had no idea all the cool stuff I’d learn! This lady came to our class and taught us all about this bad stuff called air pollution. I don’t want to breathe dirty air, so when my mom came to pick me up from school I talked about it all the way home. Now she knows to turn the car off while she’s waiting for me in the pick up line. I also follow her around the house turning off lights! She thinks its funny, but it really helps reduce our energy costs. The clean air lady told us that our power comes from burning coal and that’s bad for the air, so remembering to turn off the lights, unplug stuff when we’re finished using it and reminding our moms and dads about those things is a way kids can help.”


More About Andre…

Andre lives in Murfreesboro with his mom Alejandra and his dad Raul. This year has been a big year for him —  he turned seven and started first grade! Every day when his mom picks him up from school, Andre tells her all about his day and the fun stuff he’s learned like how to write paragraphs using all the new words he’s learned and how to draw a graph!

He was really happy when the lady from the Clean Air Partnership came to his class to talk about air quality. They gave everyone a book called “Why Is Coco Orange?” that’s about a chameleon named Coco with asthma who can’t change colors. In the book Coco and his friends at Lizard Lick Elementary solve the mystery and learn about air quality and how to stay healthy when the air quality is bad. Andre learned that kids are sensitive to air pollution because their lungs are still developing and because kids breathe more air compared to their body size than adults do.

Now Andre reminds his mom to turn the car off instead of idling and they go inside instead of sitting in the drive thru. Andre learned about how our power comes from burning coal and that’s not good for the air. So, he reminds his family to turn off the lights and unplug stuff when they’re finished using it.